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10 Scooter Tricks For Beginners

10 Scooter Tricks For Beginners
May 24, 2017 RWX

Getting your first stunt scooter can be overwhelming. There are so many tricks and stunts and it can be difficult to know where to start so here is a list of ten stunts for beginners to master before heading onto big combos and some of the more outrageous stunts you might see the pros and veterans pulling off in the skate park.

Hippy jump

Most beginners will take on the bunny hop first but a great way to find your feet is to try a jump and keep your scooter on the ground. Mid-ride place both feet on the deck then jump and land back on the scooter. It is extremely simple and a good way to build up confidence and balance.


The bunny hop is likely to be the first move you try to tackle on your scooter. It is simple and a staple move to have in your arsenal as it is perfect for building confidence and balance as well as for use breaking up combos when you take your skills into the skate park. The bunny hop is a hop in which both wheels leave the ground – simple but effective.


In its simplest form a fakie is riding your scooter backwards. The most basic way to perform this neat little trick is to skate roll up a ramp slightly and allow gravity work its magic. Work on being able to balance and control your scooter whilst performing a fakie as it’ll come in very useful allowing you to take on stunts that require you to ride backwards such as a 180 and a nose pivot.


Yes, scooters have two wheels but that doesn’t mean you always need to use them both. Riding on your back wheel only is a skill that looks great and with practice can be achieved by beginners looking to progress their game a little. Whilst pulling up to hard will see your scooter fly from under you but fail to put enough force behind it and you won’t get your front wheel up. But with practice you’ll be able to find the right balance needed to pull off a manual one wheel ride.

Nose pivot

A nose pivot is a fun trick to learn and it is a perfect way to transition into and out of a fakie. A nose pivot is spinning your deck whilst lifting your back wheel. It is a faster and cooler way to change direction. Simple add a handlebar push with a lean forward to bring your scooter up on to its front wheel then spin your deck as desired and off you go.


180 jumping

180 jumping consists of two parts – jumping and turning 180 degrees. In other words, go up turn around and come back down except it is a little trickier than that. It is still a move for beginners and if you can manage all the tricks on the list so far then this is a great choice of trick to take on next. Using your air time from a hop twist your scooter to face the opposite direction.

Half cab

Half cab in its simplest form is a reverse 180. Riding fakie you hop and turn 180 to face the direction you were travelling when riding fakie. It’s a combination of moves in a sense and is easy enough to learn once you have mastered the individual components. Things to remember are to turn your handle bars in the opposite direction to what you are jumping and to check over your shoulder so you know where you are landing.

No footer

If you are looking to try tricks this far down the list then you should be confident with the previous tricks. For this you need to have your bunny hop down as it forms the first part of this trick. Perform a bunny hop and when in mid-air take your feet of the foot plate and kick them out to the side like a star jump but only using your legs of course! Then move your feet back to the deck as you land. Obviously the more airtime you rack up the more time you have to pull this off so make sure you have that bunny hop sorted for this one.


Short for nose ollie a nollie is a bunny hop performed off of the front wheel only. Lean forward and pushing on your handle bars slightly as you ride to go up on your front wheel. Whilst riding on your front wheel bunny hop and adjust mid-air for a comfortable landing. It is a small step up from a bunny hop but it looks a great deal sweeter.

One hander

Performed mid-air by releasing your grip with one hand and extending that arm away from your scooter, always making sure that you have firm hold of your scoter with the other hand. It is simple in principle and looks cool. It is largely down to having enough confidence something you will build up as you take on other stunts on the list. The trick with this stunt is to make a good landing. Take back hold of your handle bar with the hand you released before you land, level yourself out and then ride away safely once you’ve landed.

These are ten of the best tricks to tackle as a beginner. Some are more difficult than others but they all remain on the easier side paving the way for bigger and better tricks and combos later on. These tricks are ideal for improving balance, confidence and hand / foot to eye coordination as well as many other useful skills that you will need to become king of the skatepark.

*Remember always wear your safety gear. Helmets are essential and you should also wear protective knee and elbow pads just in case.

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