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Stunt Scooter

SKU: 161810

Rampworx Blood Money Complete Custom Stunt Scooter

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Rampworx Blood Money Complete Custom Stunt Scooter

At Rampworx we have always tried to make the most affordable custom built scooters on the market that are at a significantly higher standard that your off the wall complete scooter. When a rider purchases their own scooter the one word you will always hear is "Custom". This is because; for most kids it is their first chance to make something individual to themselves. With every scooter come a variant of different sizes and shapes, this is why we have tried to keep all of our custom scooter builds to the average dimension standards. We at Rampworx have tailored our custom scooter to be just as high (handlebars) as they are long (deck/foot frame). We believe that this ratio creates a more responsive scooter for tricks and general balance. Below you will find the specifications of this scooter. Please bear in mind that the specified height and width of the handlebars may differ from stock size due to this customisation. Features: Lucky Prospect Deck Rogue Tyler Bonner 110mm Wheels Crisp Offset IHC Fork Striker Compound Headset Blunt Double Clamp Crisp Jon Devrind Signature Bars Bar size is stander at 600mm High x 580mm Wide Ethic DTC Grips www.rampworx.com