EsQu by Chilli Pro Scooters

"When we started thinking about an electric scooter three years ago, our biggest motivation was the dissatisfaction with the products available on the market. After extensive research, we soon had the feeling that there was more to be done, and so we spent the last few years primarily developing, prototyping and testing. Above all, practicality in everyday life was missing in most e-mobility products. Heavy, bulky scooters with a weight of over 20kg sometimes made an acceptable figure while they were rolling, but fell through in the everyday test, because they were virtually impossible to move without the drive."

"Another point that was important to us and of course related to our Funsport DNA was that, despite the electric motor, we did not want to lose touch with the sport. For this reason, we have taken advantage of our extensive know-how from the stunt scooter area and developed the esQu (e = electronically operated, s = scooter, Qu = quantum leap) Powered by Chilli Pro scooter. The geometry, robustness and light weight of a stunt scooter have been combined with intelligent hybrid electric technology to bring a completely new product to market. The electric motor is not controlled by a throttle here, but intervenes intelligently supportive, as soon as the driver exceeds the limit of 5km / h by "kick". From then on the esQu keeps the current speed, which is achieved by your own muscle power. Up to 18km / h the esQu intervenes supportively and can be decelerated at any time electronically, but also mechanically by the rear wheel brake."

The trick: even if you turn off the electronic support, you can drive the ESQ like a normal scooter. Excessive kilos due to bulky technology or blocking roles are a thing of the past. With the Freestyle esQu you can even shine in skate parks, as its low weight and the geometry of a stunt scooter allow all sorts of tricks.

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