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Gawds Team Wheel 57mm/89a (4 pack)

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Gawds Team Wheel 57mm/89a (4 pack)

Gawds is a NEW company from long time pro rider Franky Morales! With a team line up that includes pro rider Paul John and Dave Lang on the team you know that these wheels are up for whatever punishment you give them. The Gawds Team Wheel comes in 57mm/89a diameter making it super fast and firm which is perfect for street or park skating. Poured from the best urethane mixes in the USA these wheels are imported direct to the UK. If you haven't tried these Gawds wheels yet, your missing out. Make sure you check what size wheels your frames can fit before purchasing. For example GC Featherlite frames can fit up to 63mm wheels. Features Gawds Team Wheel: 57mm Diamater 89a Durability Good all round wheels, park or street Sold in sets of 4