FUSE Alpha Full Protection Knee Pads Fuse_Alpha_Knee-3-of-3 FUSE Alpha Full Protection Knee Pads


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FUSE Alpha Full Protection Knee Pads

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FUSE Alpha Full Protection Knee Pads

The Alpha knee pad is constructed from a breathable perforated and tougher Duratex neoprene with air plush lining for maximum comfort. The back side of the pad uses a dual layer Lycra design, that is soft on the inside but strong and durable on the outside. To protect your knees from impact we use EVA foam under a nylon hard cap, with additional padding for side impacts. A Sharkskin neoprene inner section ensures the pad stays firmly in place. We at Rampworx Skatepark have seen every BMX in the industry come through our door and with over 90% of them wearing these pads we now know how important they are. FUSE pads are the be all and end all. the perfect protection for BMX. Pad Material: Breathable perforated neoprene with air plush lining, back side with dual layer Lycra, soft inner durable outer Protection: EVA foam padding under nylon hard cap Features: Extended lower and side of knee cap padding Sharkskin neoprene gripper to prevent pad slip Upper and lower straps for fit adjustment www.fuse-protection.com