Ride 858 Scooters

Ride 858 Scooters are an Australian based Stunt Scooter company. Ride 858 are known for making the best scooters on the market at an affordable price. Innovators in scooter technology 858 have become well known for making the lightest and strongest scooters you can get your hands on.

Ride 858 Backie Pro Scooter

The Ride 858 Backie Pro is the ultimate entry level stunt scooter. Designed to let first time riders have a real taste of scootering without breaking the bank. The Ride 858 Backie Pro is fully loaded with the specs you need to get riding in your local skatepark. As with all the 858 scooters it is super strong and lightweight.

Ride 858 GR Scooter

The hugely popular Ride 858 GR scooter is designed for the more intermediate to elite skatepark rider that wants a super light stunt scooter. Weighing in at only 3kg for a complete scooter the 858 GR is a market leader and comes fully loaded with Hollow Core Wheels and Aluminium bars.

Ride 858 Talon Scooter

Now this is a beast of a scooter! The Ride 858 Talon comes with a square back end for easy grinding and is just maxed out for specs everywhere, 120mm wheels, Reinforced Aluminium bars and Super light. If your after a pro level stunt scooter then this is the scooter you have been looking for.

Ride 858 High Roller Scooter

The top end scooter from 858, the High Roller. No expense has been spared on this awesome scooter. It has been designed with elite pro riders in mind and has become a scooter of choice for many riders such as Scooter Brad. If you want the best of the best when it comes to scooters then you just found it.