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Shadow Conspiracy Multi Tool, Copper

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Shadow Conspiracy Multi Tool, Copper

Shadow Conspiracy Multi Tool All in one multi tool. Why weigh your bag down with lots of tools at risk of misplacing or losing them? The shadow conspiracy multi tool fits pretty much every part of a modern after market bike. Another question you may ask is why am I paying so much for a tool? Well, the shadow multi tool is like gold dust within BMX, there is literally a minimal amount of problems you cant fix on the spot with this tool. If you're about to go out for a quick session before work or after school and don't want to take a bag but worried you'll need some tools, then just whack the multi tool in your back pocket and away you go. Includes: chain breaker, 17mm deep socket, pedal wrench, 10mm wrench, spoke wrench, tire tools, 8mm hex, 6mm hex, 5mm hex, 1/4" hex, 7/32" hex, hammer, and most importantly, a bottle opener.