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BMX Chains

There are two main types of BMX chains Full link and Half link. Full link chains are the most common and come as standard on most complete bikes, they have an overlapping design with 1 outer 1 inner 1 outer 1 inner etc… Half link chains don’t overlap in the same way. The links actually go thin themselves half way and is overlapped by another link of the same design. Half link chains are a bit bulkier and heavier but are considered to be stronger. A lot of after market chains now come with the option of hollow pins, this is a development by manufactures designed to conserve weight. Check our collection of chains!.

  • £21.95

    BSD Forever 1991 Half Link Chain, Black

    The BSD 1991 Half Link Chain is an ultra-durable half link chain from BSD. Half link chains look great and are becoming essential for riders that want to have their rear wheel exactly where they want it in the frame.
  • £5.45£6.45

    4 Gang 1/2×1/8″ MTB & BMX Chain 102 Link, 6 Colours!

    Rated 5.00 out of 5