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Integrated Scooter Headset Bearing 1 1/8″ (Threadless Headset)

Integrated Scooter Headset Bearing 1 1/8″ (Threadless Headset)



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Headsets are expensive, sometimes all you need to do is replace a bearing ring and you will be fine to ride again. Now we know that spending £20-£30 each time you need a new headset can be a real pain so we have hooked you guys up with this amazing deal. We have manufactured our own premium headsets for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a new one.  These headsets will fit all scooter decks with an integrated deck, which covers you for almost all MGP, Girt, Crisps, Lucky, Sacrifice Scooters above £100. These Integrated Scooter Headsets are single sealed which means they can withstand a greater amount of pressure when riding than a double sealed headset which can sometimes “pop” a seal. Our headsets come pre greased inside to ensure for a smooth spin from your very first ride.  

*Sold as a single bearing*


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