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AO Scooters Single Scooter Peg, Red

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AO Scooters

AO Scooters Single Scooter Peg, Red

This single peg from AO Scooters has been put through all necessary testing in the streets and in the skatepark. With a lightweight and attractive design this peg will look the part on any scooter. You can run 4 AO pegs on a single scooter but installing them is near impossible unless you wedge a flat head screwdriver inside to tighten up the axle. However running 2 pegs is a breeze; with 3 axles to accommodate nearly every scooter deck on the planet these pegs will not let you down. Features: Single AO Peg 3 Axles (3" 3.5" and 4") 3 Locknuts For more pegs and AO scooter products check out the rest of our store.