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AROFLY Ultra-Smart Bike Power Meter (Bluetooth)

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AROFLY Ultra-Smart Bike Power Meter (Bluetooth)

AROFLY is the world's smallest, most advanced, and easy to install bike meter, displaying cycling data in real time via a bluetooth connection to the AROFLY® custom mobile app. Only 2 cm in diameter and 10 g in weight. Average setup time is only 30 seconds! AROFLY Bike Meter: — an All-in-one Bike Meter: displays results on your smart phone in real-time as you pedal — Physical Monitoring: monitors and tracks your power, endurance, strength, calories, heart rate, distance, etc. — an e-Biking Coach: helps correct cycling mistakes and form to enhance performance and prevent injuries. ​ After attaching the AROFLY® adapter to your bike, the AROFLY® mobile app reads the data transmitted by the adapter to turn your smartphone into a comprehensive bike meter. Track your Power, Speed. Cadence, Calories Burned, Distance, Ascent, Endurance & Strength. It also assists in correcting cycling mistakes & movements to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Originating from aerospace technology, AROFLY® is the result of years of research and cooperation between Aerospace Scientists & Sports Biomechanics Professors, developing a patented air pressure differential technology based on the pitot tube design, from the F-117 combat aircraft. AROFLY Bike Mete Specification Size: Diameter 2cm Weight: 10g Bike compatibility: Compatible with up to 90% of current bike models - Road bike, Mountain bike, BMX, etc. Operating temperature: -30 °C to + 85 °C Water proof Dust proof Battery type: CR 1632 Transmission: Via Bluetooth version 4.0; Frequency: 2.4GHz Compatible Smartphone: iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus or later Android Smart phone Mobile OS 4.3 or later