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Chaya Roller Derby Skates - Sapphire Elite

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Chaya Roller Derby Skates - Sapphire Elite

Introducing the new SAPPHIRE ELITE QUICKY skate from CHAYA ("Kai-ah"). Want a lightweight, durable and high performance skate package at a price that won't break the bank - but you dig aluminium and that's just how it is? Then the Sapphire Elite package is for you! The Sapphire features a nylon fibreglass composite shell which is extremely lightweight and extremely comfortable that will fit you like a glove. The Elite packages benefits from the Chaya Zena plate, which is just ace for many reasons... The plate features QUICK RELEASE axles... NOT clip, I repeat, NOT clip... this mechanism acts similarly to that of a bearing puller, you push in to release and push again to lock. It is SO QUICK (hence the clever name) and SO CONVENIENT. Tested to within an inch of it's life with machinery pulling it at like a gazillion kilo tons, your wheel ain't going anywhere, say goodbye to wheel changing stress issues.... BOOT FEATURES Nylon Fibreglass Composite shell Pain free Technology (flex cuts within the shell at critical spots ensure a super comfy fit) Dual Center Mounting (DCM) Durable Toe cap with abrasion resistant leather 3D EVA foam insole made of super comfy luxurious Poron padding Mouldable lining made of soft touch microfibre material Super lightweight (you will fly!) Waxed Laces ZENA PLATE FEATURES: 6061 extruded aircraft aluminium Lightweight Dual Center Mounting (DCM) ready (but CAN be mounted to any brand of boot) 20° casted trucks Quicky Axles Power toe Offset toe stop Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A Cherry bomb natural rubber, long stem toe stop (red) Wheels: Octo Edge 92a, 59x38mm Bearings: Wicked Abec 7