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Stunt Scooter

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District HT-Series Signature Scooter Deck - Chris Farris

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District HT-Series Signature Scooter Deck - Chris Farris

We lack the superlatives to describe Chris Farris as a rider, but the closest we can come is to say that he is one of the best riders in the world and one of the greatest people you could wish to meet, on or off the scooter. He's spent most of his time in recent years with something fractured, sprained or broken, but has still won titles in contests that many riders would sit out of given his injuries. His persistence and professionalism is second to none, and District are proud to be able to reward him with a signature model. Chris' design was realised by team member Fernando Young, and has a dark, sombre and serious feel to it but overall looks absolutely rad on a matte black background. Features: Weight: 1.41Kg (3.1lbs) Deck Length: 540mm (21.25") Width: 130mm (5.12") Headtube angle: 83° Concave: 3° Headtube Integrated Square Tail Signature Deck: Chris Farris