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District HT-Series Signature Scooter Deck - Lewis Crampton

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District HT-Series Signature Scooter Deck - Lewis Crampton

Coming in at 22.44" x 5.12", the Lewis Crampton signtaure deck is the biggest of all the new District signature HT-Series decks, and is painted in matte dark blue. This District signature deck features many different images including; a globe, FBGM, a broken leg, a Grimsby Town FC shirt, a Uniun crown, a cup of tea, an England flag, ramp building tools and a couple of other things that are cut out in this preview. Lewis' graphic is incredibly personal to his life and career as a scooter rider, and he's taken great pride in putting this design together. Features: Weight: 1.41Kg (3.1lbs) Deck Length: 570mm (22.44") Width: 130mm (5.12") Headtube Angle: 83° Concave: 3° Headtube Integrated Square Tail Signature Deck: Lewis Crampton