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Stunt Scooter

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District HT-Series Signature Scooter Deck - Rich Zelinka

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District HT-Series Signature Scooter Deck - Rich Zelinka

The recently crowned King of Kings Richard Zelinka signature 21.25" x 5.12" deck is here and features a super cool drawing of Stalin Plaza in Rich's hometown in Prague, Czech Republic, to add that personal touch! The graphic could only be drawn up by one guy... Rich's lifelong homie Daniel Baudys who absolutely nailed it in his own style, and added plenty of colour to this dark chrome deck. Features: Weight: 1.41Kg (3.1lbs) Deck Length: 540mm (21.25") Width: 130mm (5.12") Headtube Angle: 83° Concave: 3° Headtube Integrated Square Tail Signature Deck: Rich Zelinka