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Elite Scooters UHR Sig Wheel 110mm, White/Black

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Elite Scooters UHR Sig Wheel 110mm, White/Black

At Rampworx Skatepark we believe in stocking the brands who support the industry. With this scooter wheel from Elite we know that the money earned goes back into the scooter industry and helps out their team. Elite scooters have been in the industry long enough to know how scootering works. By purchasing this scooter wheel from Rampworx Skatepark you are supporting Elite scooters and their riders.

This is a terrific Wheel that includes all of the industry standards and even more. This Wheel was designed by the entire flavour team. It was design and created by scooter riders and for scooter riders; this meaning that almost every scooter ruder will feel great using this wheel. It has been tested, used and approved by the entire team.

88a Pu

Ultra rebound technology

Pre-installed Abec 9 Bearings

Lifetime warranty on Dehubbing ONLY