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Ennui Protection City Crash Shorts

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Ennui Protection City Crash Shorts

Advanced protection for your hips, the City Crash shorts include two moulded high density dual layer EVA protection combined with PORON® XRD™ on the sides and a removable EVA insert for the back. PORON® XRD™ technology offers the best repeated shock absorption of any high performance protection foam for extreme applications. In a nutshell, impact force dissipates and is distributed over a larger area, resulting in lower stress to the wearer. Upon high speed contact, PORON® XRD™ material instantaneously firms creating a protective shield that absorbs the strike, while remaining comfortable and non-confining as it returns to its ‘resting’ state. Because XRD™ foam will not break down on impact you get maximum protection every hit. The Ennui City crash Shorts passed all the tests and are CE certificated for skating, cycling and motorcycling, including the test under -20ºC for snow sports. They will protect you even in the most demanding and extreme situations. Ennui-Brand.com