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Go Project Aggressive Skate Wheels 76mm

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Go Project

Go Project Aggressive Skate Wheels 76mm

The Go Project 76mm wheel is a high performance professional standard wheel for high performance skaters. Childish wheel graphics and gimmicky wheel names are not a part of the ethos. Working closely with the factory allowed for a wheel with higher quality chemistry to be produced at a lower price than similar wheels available.

While Go Project don't list a wheel hardness (because the variation between manufacturing quality renders it irrelevant) the durometer could be compared to an 86a. This, when combined with the small hub makes for a fast wheel which still retains high rebound (good shock absorption).

Great for a wide variety of skating disciplines including Freestyle, Powerblading, Slalom, Fitness/Recreational, aggressive (where applicable) and more.

'Go' have concentrated on three main criteria which form the necessary components for a high performance wheel:

Quality - The main component responsible for the grip, durability and rebound is the outer 'tyre'. The urethane compound has been formulated with the highest understanding of wheel chemistry

Precision - The hub of the wheel is manufactured with incredible precision so that your bearings, spacers and wheels work together with maximum efficiency. Use with Go Project precision bearings and spacers for the most energy efficient roll.

Bond - The smallest disconnection between the hub and tyre can greatly affect the performance of the wheels. Go Project urethane is designed to hug the hub tight and never let go.

Wheels come boxed and are sold in sets of 4.