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Go Project Full Ceramic Skate Bearings

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Go Project

Go Project Full Ceramic Skate Bearings

Go Project is a skater owned Bearing company that produces premium bearings for riders that demand quality from their products. The masterminds behind Go Project have over 20 years of experience in this industry so you know your getting a great product. Go Project Ceramic Bearings will also fit all Inline Skate, Skateboard and Scooter wheels. When NASA started building moving parts which were required to withstand the environment of space they were unable to use liquid lubricants or grease which freezes at low temperatures. ’Full Ceramic’ refers to both the balls and the bearing races being made from a super hard Ceramic material (whereas most other ’Ceramic’ labeled bearings use a less effective hybrid of ceramic balls with steel races). Full Ceramic bearings spin with much less friction and for much longer than their lower priced counterparts (and naturally make a light buzzing sound as they spin!) The Full Ceramic design means that the bearings are completely water resistant and one third the weight of regular steel bearings. These bearings are designed for speed based skating disciplines, NOT impact based skating disciplines. Use for recreational skating, fitness skating, freestyle skating, slalom skating and speed skating. Care instructions: While ceramic-on-ceramic requires no bearing-lubricant ‘out the box’, bearing lube DOES help the bearing to keep spinning fast once it’s come into contact with dirt and dust. A light bearing oil is included with all packs of Go Project Full Ceramic bearings. The best method of cleaning the bearings is with Aviation Oil. Where aviation oil is difficult to obtain we’d recommend running the bearings under warm water, leaving them to thoroughly dry and adding a few drops of the included bearing oil before replacing into your wheels Go Project precision bearing spacers included (x4). Set of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels). Use two packs for 8 wheels