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Go Project Gavin Drumm Skate Bearings

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Go Project

Go Project Gavin Drumm Skate Bearings

Go Project is a skater owned Bearing company that produces premium bearings for riders that demand quality from their products. The masterminds behind Go Project have over 20 years of experience in this industry so you know your getting a great product. Gav Drumm’s skating is fluid and technical. Go Project Gavin Drumm skate bearings’ low torque and high tolerance are perfect for a heavy vertical load-bearing sport like inline skating. Go Project Bearings will also fit all Inline Skate, Skateboard and Scooter wheels. They use seven Chrome Steel ball bearings protected by a single sided Nylon shield. Nylon does not dent like metal compounds. This, combined with the single shielded design means that the ball bearings are less likely to be crushed or caught between dented shields. Go Project does not use the generic ABEC scale to rate bearings because of its irrelevance to the specific tolerances imposed by inline skating, where quality of manufacturing and materials far surpass theimportance of a rating based upon ‘revolutions per second’. Gav’s bearings simply have a Speciality Rating of 4/5 which represents their performance when used as a skate bearing. Go Project precision bearing spacers included (x4). Pack of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels)