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Go Project GO JOE Aggressive Skate Wheels 65mm (Joe Atkinson Pro Wheel)

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Go Project

Go Project GO JOE Aggressive Skate Wheels 65mm (Joe Atkinson Pro Wheel)

Joe Atkinson has won almost every major international contest he has entered this year (alot), using the 65mm Go Project wheel. In this unique ‘mid-size’ wheel, now available at LocoSkates. Manufactured using a similar chemistry to the bigger (72mm-80mm) Go Project wheels but harder for aggressive use. While Go don’t give a durometer, the wheels have been compared to an 88a. A minimalistic core allows more room for urethane so makes for great rebound and a large footprint which will give better grip when pushing into turns. The compound is noticably velvety with a satin finish out the pack. It retains a unique smooth (but matte) texture once broken in. It's the first time this high-end urethane chemistry has been used in the Aggressive industry. A pinch of Joe's famous personality is added to his wheel with the Garlic Club emblem. The wheels are finished with Garlic-style packaging, a nod to novelty wheel packaging of the past. Sold in sets of 4. Joe uses the wheels in a flat set-up (on his Ground Control Big frames). They are equally at home used as part of an anti-rocker setup though. Frame skate compatibility is listed below: -Ground Control Big: Will fit flat or anti-rocker -Kizer Advance level 1, 2 & 3: Will fit flat or anti-rocker -Bake Frames: Will fit flat or anti-rocker -Ground Control FL2, FL3, and FL freestyle: Will fit anti-rocker with light wheel rub. We recommend breaking them in for 5 minutes. -Seba Frames: Will fit anti-rocker -Kizer Slimline frames: Will fit anti-rocker -Kaltik Stealth frames: Will fit anti-rocker -Kizer M-type, Fluid 4 and Type X: Will fit anti-rocker but with heavy wheel rub. Not recommended unless you have baseplate recesses. -Kaltik Freestyle: Will only fit anti-rocker WITH baseplate recesses. -Create Original (graphic insert frames): Will only fit anti-rocker WITH baseplate recesses. -Create Original CRS frames: TBC More skate models are now coming as standard with baseplate recesses (cut-outs in the bottom of the baseplate or soulplate to allow for bigger wheels). Currently Adapts, new Razor SLs, new Razor Cults, the latest USD Classic Throne models and old Salomons have this feature. On other skate models you can easily create your own recess by filing a small divot in your baseplate/soulplate.