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Huffy Slider Expert Edition, Black/Green

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Huffy Slider

Huffy Slider Expert Edition, Black/Green

Huffy Slider frames combine pro styling, durable design and powerful spec for unforgettable rides. Oversize threadless handlebar and stem reduce steering flex and ease adjustments. Mechanical disc brake with 140mm Rotor provides all-weather stopping power. Huffy 1000g rear wheels have slick tread for great drifting and sliding with thicker, more durable walls. Great look. Gutsy ride. Every Kid in the world would love this for a birthday present or just a random treat for being good in school. This trike is fully down to the user control and is fix geared; this meaning that when you stop pedalling and turn the handlebars, the back end come out and you DRIFT! Features Drift Like CRAZY Strong lightweight design Every kids dream