iSkute Balance Board V3 - Red/Black Electric Scooter iSkute iSkute Balance Board V3 - Red/Black Electric Scooter iSkute iSkute Balance Board V3 - Red/Black Electric Scooter iSkute

Electric Scooter

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iSkute Balance Board V3 - Red/Black

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iSkute Balance Board V3 - Red/Black

Skute V3 Balance Board
A two-wheel auto balancing electric scooter, giving a stable ride with fast response, making it safer and easier to control. You can also stand still, turn 360 degrees in a spot or zip up and down the path. Two wheels, two motors, with double balancing systems to keep you upright. It accelerates by simply applying pressure with the front of your feet. With a driver motor within each wheel, that can be controlled individually with your feet for easy turns, responsive acceleration and smooth breaking.
We built upon the previous highly successful iSkute, with the new model called "The Original" which in essence it is a refinement of the first iSkute Balance Board. We now have the next evolution with the V3 iSkute Balance Board featuring further refinements under the hood and a wireless speaker so you can listen to your favourite tunes while riding the nations favourite balance board.

• 10 Km/h
• 2.5 hours average run time*
• New improved software and electronics
• UK approved charger (UL / CE / FCC Tested and Certified)
• Multilingual User Manual
• Rider weight: Min 20Kg and Max 100Kg
• Recomended rider age 14 years plus
• Wireless speaker (Bluetooth compatible)
• Grenergy lithium-Ion battery pack 36V 4.4Ah (Protected with Fire Resistant hard outer casing and internal gel).
• Available in four colour combinations: Black/Black - White/Black - Red/Black - Blue/Black
* Average run time based on a smooth level surface for a rider of 65KG. Please note stunt riding will void your warranty.
According to the battery manufacturer and as is the normal requirements of charging any Lithium ion battery please make sure that you do not leave the board charging for more than 3 hours. It is also highly recommended that the board not be left unattended when charging. Please refer to the user manual for more