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Lush Longboards Burner, Red/Yellow

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Lush Longboards Burner, Red/Yellow

Introducing the Burner... the latest directional speedboard in the Lush quiver. Slightly shorter than the Steezestoker but sharing the same super-stiff 4-X construction, this deck is a hardcore freeride and downhill machine! With a wider tail and small "hips" over the rear wheels to aid foot placement, a deep Rocker Concave and long wheel wells, it has over a decade of downhill evolution shaped in. Get one under your feet and you'll feel the difference!

Topmount, giving supreme grip and ultimate cornering ability.
4X Construction, Similar in many ways to X-Flex, but instead designed for skating fast and holding lines through corners. With 4X we use two layers of Bi-Axial Wet Laminate Glass, one layer in from the surface of the layup as per X-Flex, but the top layer of glass (closest to the grip tape) is laid at 45 degrees to the length of the deck providing less torsional flex. The deck now has fibres running diagonally across the deck, adding stiffness. This translates to better tracking in corners, an ultra responsive ride and more control when drifting or sliding.
E-Glue for deck durability
Directional shape for hauling ass!!!
Perfected rear "hips", which can be set up right over the back truck, right where you want your back foot for slide control.
Deep "spoon" radial concave, combined with 0.75" rocker, gives a bowl-like space for your feet - you stand in this board rather than on it, locked in on those big standups and predrifts.
Huge adjustable wheelbase, allowing you to balance stability, turn and add a decent nose and/or tail if you want it.
CNC wheel wells allow low ride heights without fear of wheelbite

Complete with Cult Classics and Gravity Cast Sabre Trucks for the ultimate in speed and control.

36.5" / 88.9cm
9.8" / 24.9cm
29.1"/ 73.9cm - 23.35"/ 59.3cm
1.12" / 2.8cm - 4" / 10.2cm
8 Ply 4X
0.75" /1.9cm Rocker
Speed Stiff

Size: 36.5 x 9.8 IN