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Lush Longboards Chopper 3D, Blue

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Lush Longboards Chopper 3D, Blue

First we made the Chopper. We sat there looking at it, reveling in it’s majesty. So we thought “Why not make a bigger one?” So we did - in our new 3d mold and added an extra ply for stiffness.

We've taken a long time to get into the "3D Concave" game, having seen a lot of wacky deck profiles out there, we wanted to be sure that we got it right. We've opted for a slightly deeper twinkick rockered profile, based on our much-known and loved original Rocker Concave - and we've added some "wheel flares" right about where your feet hang out. On the Chopper 3D, this not only reduces wheelbite, but it also gives you an extra point of reference for your feet.

Locking into giant standup slides? No problem.

Ripping a bowl? Done.

The shape and concave on this board comes from years of skating and many months of tweaking. It's subtle, but enough.

The result? This is as close to a “do everything board” as you can imagine.

Length: 38.75" / 98.4cm
Width: 9.85" / 25cm
Wheelbase: 24.16"/61.4cm - 24.95"/63.4cm
Nose: 3.9"/9.9cm - 4.32"/10.9cm
Tail: 5.68"/14.4cm - 6.08"/15.4cm
Construction: 8 ply Canadian Maple
Profile: Double Kick with 3D Rocker
Max Weight: 16st/100kg/225lbs
Flex: Stiff

Equipped with:
180mm Sabre 48 degree trucks
63mm Cult ISM's
Abec 5 bearings
10mm spacers
Quality griptape

Size: 39.75 x 9.85 IN