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Muckefuck Urinethane Skateboard Wheels 60mm

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Muckefuck Urinethane Skateboard Wheels 60mm

Muckefuck high performance urethane is the result of many years of product testing, specifically formulated to resist flatspotting while maintaining a high rebound for a quicker response and higher roll. The urethane is the perfect black of grip, slide and durability Professional Riders Take On These Wheels: Keith Melia - These wheels are the best product ever created in skateboarding. To take a basic object; the wheel, and create a product of shear brilliance! In my life I have never warmed to a product so much. A perfect blend of hardness, grip and slip all in a wheel was the hardest to come by. I'm Down For Life! A harder inner core ensures a perfect bearing seat and a smoother roll… Their shapes are ideal for all modern terrain skateboarding – Truly the best wheels ever made. Try them and decise for yourself! Features: the highest A grade urethane an even harder inner core long lasting the perfect wheels!