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Odyssey BMX Evo 2 Complete Brake Kit, Black

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Odyssey BMX Evo 2 Complete Brake Kit, Black

This Evo 2 brake kit from Odyssey BMX has been created for anyone who want a quick and clean brake setup all in one single purchase. As you may know, setting up a brake is one of the most annoying things about BMX and it is because of this that Odyssey BMX have made it so simple.

Compatibility and cable length is no longer an issue as this kit is based around a single cable setup. Along as you know how to tension callipers and tighten a screw you will be fine in setting this up.


Odyssey Liner Cable pre-oiled and ready to go
Odyssey Evo 2 Callipers w/parts
Odyssey Mono Lever - Medium