Powerslide S4 Freeskates Skates Powerslide UK9/EU43/US10 Powerslide S4 Freeskates Skates Powerslide


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Powerslide S4 Freeskates

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Powerslide S4 Freeskates

Powerslide S4 Free Skates The Powerslide S4 is a light weight good all round free skate. The skate is very responsive and easy to handle, making those quick turns and busy city cruising that little bit easier. With the combination of the short and rigid Beta aluminium frame, the fast and grippy Spinner wheels and superior Twincam ILQ9 bearings, you'll experience a skating sensation like no other. This skate features everything a free skater demands, which is why Powerslide are who they are today. With over 20 years experience behind each and every one of their skates, you wont be let down or disappointed with your choice of product. S4 Features: Wheels - Powerslide FSK 80mm Bearings - ILQ9 Classic Frame - Powerslide Beta Frame made from 6061 aircraft aluminium Boot - Fibreglass reinforced Nylon