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Reign Inline Hockey Skates - Helios Trinity 3x100mm

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Reign Inline Hockey Skates - Helios Trinity 3x100mm

The Reign Helios are great skates for hockey with a design and construction for speed, agility and power transfer. The big brother of the Kronos skate, the Helios offers similar characteristics but with a blend of carbon fiber and kevlar shell. The upper is designed to provide protection against impacts and will last for as long as you play. The additional support of Kevlar wires ensures that your foot is held tightly inside the boot. The boot features a microfiber lining which means it will handle the toughest punishment and abuse, and will hold your foot in place like never before. As well as the microfiber lining, and the outer shell, the boot also has our Recall Fit system, which means you won’t need to break in these skates. They should fit perfectly right out of the box and into the game. When combined with our aluminium CNC frame that allows you to choose your skate set up, it is the ultimate weapon to go into battle. A 4 wheel set up option is possible, if you are living in the past. The Helios Hockey skates has a three wheel setup with 100mm Prime Tribune, 74A indoor wheels that are mounted on the powerful aluminium Trinity Pro frames with 2mm rocker. The Trinity frame has a lower centre of gravity and the large wheels ensures fast top speed while the three wheel ensures great agility. The boot shell is made of carbon fibre for lightweight and good power transfer. SPECIFICATIONS Wheel diameter: 100mm Closure: Lacing Bearing precision: ABEC-7 Wheel hardness: 74A Frame type: Rockered setup Boot material: Carbon Cuff: High lateral support Mounting: Trinity