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Scoot & Ride Highwaybuddy Blue/Green

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Scoot & Ride

Scoot & Ride Highwaybuddy Blue/Green

Scoot & Ride = Double the FUNCTION Slide the button and transform your Scooter easily into a Push Bike! Highwaybuddy - Scooter / Push bike for kids who love toys • Double the fun. Scoot & Ride is the first 2in1 scooter & push bike. The ScooterBike Designed to maximise the fun within 1 product, created with kids and experts in Austria to fulfil your requirements. • Highest Quality. Our products are developed under the highest international standards. We only use premium materials to ensure the durability of our products. • Hours and hours of enjoyment. Use Scoot & Ride wherever you go. This multi-functional product gives you fun value for many years. Age: 3+ Features Rider Size: 120cm / 50Kg or 110lbs Seat Height: 40-42cm Bar Height: 60-71cm Article Weight: 3.5Kg / 7.7lbs