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Roller Derby Skates

Roller Derby Skates and Quad Skates

We have been selling skates since 1997 so you can rest assured we know what we are talking about when it comes to skates! In our shop you can find everything from Roller Derby Skates and Quad Skates to Aggressive Skates and all the accessories you need.

Rampworx Shop has worked with all of the leading skate manufactures over the years and we only stock the best of the best! We carry everything from entry level Kids Skates to top of the line Pro Skates and the latest products! If there is a pair of skates you can’t find on our website that you would like special ordered in our specials sales team will try their best to track them down for you.

We understand that buying skates can be a little bit awkward if you are unsure of your size so we offer a no hassle returns policy to make getting your dream pair of skates stress free.

Cheap Roller Derby Skates for Sale

Rampworx is an industry leader in the Skate market. We see over 1000 customers a week that ride scooters, skates and bmx’s, we have fixed countless pairs of skates and built thousands more. If you have any problem with your skates feel free to bring it into our skatepark for one of our skate technicians to have a look at it. We offer a full service programme for all types of skates.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best selection of cheap and affordable skates in the UK. If your after the special product you can’t find on our site, just drop us a message and we will try our best to get it in for you.

Still got a question? Why not speak to real skater? Call us on 0151-530-1500.

Brands We Trust
Support Your Roller Derby Club

Here at Rampworx we are passionate about growing sports. We have been in the alternative sport industry for over 20 years, we live it we breathe it. This means we know how passionate you are about your sport and we know that running a club is hard and every penny counts.

The Rampworx Derby Support Programme is designed with this in mind. We will give 5% cash back to your Roller Derby club whenever anyone buys Derby products from our website using your clubs specified discount code.

To get a discount code you must contact us and request a discount code for your club, please provide links to your websites and social profiles. The discount code will entitle your members to a 5% discount on all our products with the added bonus of giving your club an additional 5% cash back. 

For example. If a member of your club buys a pair of £100 skates and use your clubs specified discount code, they get 5% off so they only cost £95. Rampworx would then give 5% cash back on the £95 to the club (£95-5%=£4.75 earned for your club). So your members get a discount on all the products they want and your club gets some money to keep doing what your passionate about.

If your team is in need of some specific products we do not have in stock, we can get them. We have accounts with all the leading distributors and brands. Just drop us a message and a member of our sales team will track the product down for you.