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All products sold by Rampworx are inspected upon sale for faults to ensure they are in correct working order. By default we offer a complimentary 30 day warranty from date of purchase to ensure the well being of your product.


All customers must carry out a thorough inspection when the item is purchased and delivered to confirm the item is fit for purpose, described correctly and of satisfactory quality. This examination will reveal any items which may be deemed defective. Any faults must be brought to our attention immediately following our complaints procedure and must not be used for safety reasons.

Rampworx reserves to rights to cancel any items or orders at our discretion.


Action sports equipment will require regular maintenance in order for the item to continue functioning efficiently. If you fail to do this it will dramatically reduce the products life-span and could void any warranty on your product supplied by the manufacture.

Check your handlebars are securely in place and that your handlebar clamp is in a safe working condition with all bolts done up tightly. Check all clamp bolts are tightened securely using the correct sized Allen Key (usually 5 or 6mm).

Bar ends are essential when riding, they will prevent your bars from wearing and help prevent injury to you and the people around you. It is compulsory to have bar ends when riding in Rampworx Skatepark.

Please ensure that your headset is tightened correctly and is in the correct possition. If it wobbles, or is too tight it will need adjustment to work correctly. This is very important as riding your product with a loose headset will cause serious damage to the headset.

Your wheels will need to be replaced if they are worn or damaged. Check to make sure your axles are done up tightly and that your wheels can’t come undone whilst riding. Don’t worry if your wheels don’t spin well at first, bearings will need a few hours of riding to wear them in and will always spin better under load.

Check all bolts are tight, and all fixings and self-locking nuts are functioning correctly. Please be aware that over time self-locking nuts and bolts will lose effectiveness and may need to be replaced. Please ensure you regularly check your equipment for any loose fittings, continued use following poor maintenance will seriously impair the effectiveness of your components and could void your warranty.

Check regularly for flat spots on your wheels. This is when your wheel starts to look like a 50p and is caused when the brake is applied hard and the wheel is scraped across the floor in one place. This can causes an un-even wheel surface but is not a manufacturing fault.


The Sale of Goods Act states the life span of any product is to last a reasonable length of time.

As action sport equipment is often used aggressively, this increased wear and tear on aggressive action sport equipment often dramatically reduces the life span of these products.

This life-span of products will differ from product to product, and we calculate this individually on the merits of the product.  When a product is suspected faulty we will evaluate the following:

• The price of the product.
• How long ago it was purchased.
• How much it has been used and how aggressively.
• If it has been used in poor weather.
• The materials with which the product had been made.

Rampworx has been in the action sports industry since 1997 and, as such has built up a wealth of knowledge on the action sports products that we sell. We are able to do this as we are also regular participants in the sports that we cater for. Knowledge gained from this experience means we can take pride in our ability to successfully supply our customers with technical products that will specifically meet their needs.

This knowledge also allows to critically analyse damaged products for any possible faults. Following satisfactory analysis by Rampworx staff, if we confirm that a product has a manufacturing fault we will aim to; repair, replace or refund. Each customer will be dealt with individually.


If you would like to contact us regarding a possible fault with your product, please send us a preliminary email to orders@rampworx.com with as much information as possible including the following:

• Order number.
• The name of the faulty product.
• Pictures of the faulty product.
• What fault has occurred.
• How did the situation arise, what was happening at the time?
• Please include wherever possible photos showing us the damage.

Once we have received and read your email we will assess whether the product needs to be returned to us for further investigation, or repair (Charges may apply).

If the suspected fault is caused from misuse or general wear and tear we will deem the product not faulty. e.g. rusty bearings.

If you are unhappy or disagree with any of our findings we can send the product away for a second opinion (Charges may apply). We would normally send the product to the supplier/manufacturer as they have a wide knowledge of the products, however we can send the product back to you so can choose your own party to assess the item (Charges may apply). We will deal with each customer as quickly as possible, however if we do need to source outside information this can slow the process (This entire process can take up to 14 days).

If an item is deemed faulty we will refund any return postage costs incurred. Postage will have to be paid for by the customer initially, but will be reimbursed after we have confirmed there is a fault.

Please Note All information is correct at time of publishing, Management reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions without notice.




We want all our customers to receive high quality products. If there is something wrong with the product you have received or if your delivery is not identical to your order (wrong product or if a product is missing), please contact our customer service. If you send us a mail, please include as many details as possible including your order number as well as a picture if there is something wrong with one of the products.

If you are not completely satisfied with your product, simply return the unused product(s) in its original unbroken packaging within 14 days of receipt for a refund.

When we receive the product, we will refund the value of the purchased the product, but not the original freight.

All products must be returned in their original packaging with all enclosed documentation and our returns form. The packaging cannot be broken or in any other way damaged – neither can the product. Otherwise it will not be possible to obtain a refund.

You must pay for the freight to return the goods and this must also be arranged by yourself. The goods are your responsibility until they reach our warehouse. Please ensure you pack the return safely to prevent any damage to the products or boxes.

You always have a manufacturer warranty period if something is wrong with the product with the manufacturer . Your claim should be send to us as soon as possible. If your claim is justified we will refund your reasonable freight expenses.

How to return a product – Download a Returns Form

Please note that when you return a product it is very important to state the order number as well as your name and address. Without these details we will not be able to process your refund. Furthermore, a detailed description of the problem is necessary – if you have a claim.

Please enclose a Returns Form outlining your order number and the defected product.

Our return address is:
Rampworx Skatepark,
1-3 Leckwith Road,
L30 6UE

It can take up to 14 days for us to receive your return, depending on which postal service you use. Once we have received the returned products, we will inspect them and process the refund within 48 hours.