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Stunt Scooters | Kids Scooters

Rampworx has a huge range of stunt scooters for sale from all the leading brands. We have everything you need to get up and scooting around your local skatepark. From entry level kids scooters to the custom built pro scooters Rampworx has it all.

Stunt scooters are different from your everyday foldable kids scooter, these scooters are built to take a beating! Stunt Scooters do not collapse like your cheaper kids scooters you might pick up at a supermarket, these bad boys are fixed in shape to increase strength. No foldable bars, no cheap and nasty parts.

Similar to buying a car, you get what you pay for when buying a stunt scooter, the more you spend the better scooter you will get, better material, more strength, less weight etc etc. We stock a huge range of brands including Ride 858 Scooters, MGP Scooters, Blunt Scooters, Grit Scooters, AO Scooters, JD Bug Scooters and Custom built scooters for that rider who is after something a little more unique.