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Having our own skatepark we strongly encourage people wearing helmets. We sell BMX helmets to fit all ages in a huge range of colours that meet the highest EU safety standards. All the helmets that we sell are suitable for BMX Bikes, Skateboards, Aggressive Skates and Stunt Scooters. Rampworx only sells certified helmets to ensure you keep your head safe and sound. Do not be fooled into buying helmets that are not certified (without EPS foam) as they will not protect your head from a fall. EPS foam is a hard grey foam composite that is amazing for absorbing impact from falls in skate helmets. Skate helmets and cool bike helmets come in a variety of different sizes to ensure your helmet will fit your head nice and snug. We have put together a rough helmet size guide to help you pick the best helmet for you. You only have one head make sure you look after it!