Razor Skates

Razors Skates Razor Skates have been at the top of the Aggressive Skates industry year after year they are classed by most as the best skates available as they tick all the boxes in all areas regarding weight, comfort and durability. With a team consisting of some of the world's top professionals such as Brian Aragon, Dre Powell and Alex Burston they are a force to be reckoned with. Razor Skates produce a wide range of skates from the entry level skates such as the Cults and Genesis to the top of the line model SL (Super Light) boots. Most riders enjoy Razor Skates for their super strong Cuffs and Soul Plates. Even with the new semi soft boot skate they have still managed to retain their renown Flexible but durable Cuffs and their super fast soul and backslide plates make grinding effortless.