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Protection & Safety Gear

At Rampworx we are serious about safety gear and protection. We have ran a skatepark since 1997 so we know a thing or two about helmets and pads. We only stock the best products when it comes to safety gear. We have everything you need to hit up your local skatepark on your scooter, skates or BMX. We also have a great range of Roller Derby protection from 187 Pads and Triple 8 Helmets and CORE Protection.

Skate Knee Pads

If your looking for some pro spec Knee Pads to practice vert skating or after a pair of slimline Knee Gaskets to help protect your knees in style, we have you covered. Stunt Scooter riders and Roller Derby skaters tend to like big plastic pads on there knees for extra padding when falling, we have a huge range of Plastic Cap Knee Pads available for next day shipping.

Skate Helmets

The important one, you only have one head so make sure you look after it with a good skate helmet. We have 1000’s of helmets in stock at any point in time so you can sure we have something that will fit your head! If you order the wrong size, no problem we can exchange it for you for a new one. Make sure you check out the CORE Helmets for a great deal on your new helmet.