Skateboard Buyers Guide 2019

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Skateboard Buyers Guide by Rampworx. We have been selling Skateboards since 2002. In this time we have been able to analyse and research into all major brands and their Skateboards. Here are our top 8 picks for Christmas 2019. This Skateboard Buyers Guide has been put together collectively between all of our expert staff and technicians at Rampworx. 

Our 2019 Winner

Enuff Skateboards Fade Complete Skateboards - £54.95

The Enuff Fade completes are great skateboards for beginners to intermediate riders who don’t want graphics on their board, released as part of Enuff’s 10-year anniversary range. Great set up with a minimal design. Click Here to View

Our 2019 Runner Up Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboards - £34.95

Get into skateboarding on an affordable setup - The 180 series Tony Hawk Completes. 
If you have never set foot on a skateboard before, but would like to try it out, then we recommend the 180-series from the range of completes from Tony Hawk. Setup to be easy to skate, with softer and more forgiving hardware. Click Here to View 

Our Bronze Medalist Tony Hawk 540 Series Complete Skateboards - £49.95

Give yourself the best possible tool for learning how to skate within the Tony Hawk Complete Skateboard line-up
At the tippy-top of the Tony Hawk range, we find the 540-series complete skateboards. These boards will most definitely carry any rookie or new-comer on to the next level. This board will provide you with a higher level of feedback due to all components being of better quality.  Click Here to View

In 4th place Enuff Graffiti Complete Skateboards - £39.95

The Enuff Graffiti complete is ideal for beginners to intermediate riders wanting a quality set-up with a traditional 7-ply maple construction and deck shape at a low price. Available in 4 great colours this is the prefect board for first time or riders who are looking to increase their trick repertoire.  Click Here to View

Coming in 5th is the Enuff Hologram Complete Skateboards - £64.95

The Hologram complete available in black and blue is a great choice for all serious skateboarders. Available in a wider size than all our previous completes this board will suit the needs of any modern skateboarder. The holographic deck has a fantastic graphic designed to reflect when hit by light at the perfect angle. This complete comes in 8” and features our exclusive Decade trucks and high quality components ideal for riders of beginner or intermediate level looking for that genuine skateboarding experience.  Click Here to View

6th Tony Hawk Mini Edition Complete Skateboards - £34.95+

Tony Hawk Mini Edition complete skateboards are perfect for all those younger beginner riders. With a shorted and narrower deck size, paired with smaller and lighter truck and wheels, this mini edition range is what you're looking for if you need a skateboard for a 10 year old or below.  Click Here to View

7th Enuff Skateboards Mini Edition Complete Skateboards £34.95+

Just like the Tony Hawk Mini Edition, Enuff Skateboards Mini Edition is perfect for those younger rides who want a smaller skateboard at an affordable price.  Click Here to View