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The new way to skate, 3 wheels, less friction, maximum speed! Get in shape with the best workout you can get on Triskates, enjoying every single minute of your cardio. Our recreational inline skates are class leading with unique features, guaranteeing a perfect skating experience. Thanks to 3 big wheels, newly developed mounting technologies, secure brakes, comfortable paddings, a lightweight construction and fresh designs, they are nothing but amazing, reliable and most of all fun training skates. Free yourself, put on your inline skates and join the movement!

What makes 3 wheel skates so good?

3 Wheel skates (or triskates) are without a doubt the future of inline skates. Having one less wheel on the skates allows for maximum mobility and more speed due to the reduced friction and lighter weight from reducing a wheel. You can go faster, smoother and further than you've ever skated before when on your 3 wheel inline skates. Three wheel skates also have the added benefit or dispersing shock and vibration across the boot more equally improving your skating experience. 

Best inline skates for fitness?

When it comes to fitness skates, there is one clear winner and thats the Powerslide Skates Swell range. These skates are specially designed for intense fitness training and are perfect for anyone looking to loose weight, training for the Berlin marathon or that just loves to skate recreationally. If you're skating around the block or along the beach front these skates are the all round winner. Built from a ventilated Powerknit upper these skates allow your feet to breath whilst training. Nobody likes sweaty skate foot and the swell skates have helped improve that. 

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