BMX Tyres

BMX Tyres Tyres are one of the main features on your bike, they come in many different sizes and tread patterns. The weight of your tyres determines how your bike feels on ramps and in the air, because tyres sit on the outside of your wheel the heavier they are the more rotation force is produced therefore making your bike feel heavier. Typically street riders prefer thicker tyres with a more dominant tread pattern, whereas park riders often go for lightweight thin tyres with low profile tread patterns. Tyre widths range from 2.0" to around 2.35". Wider tyres give you more stability but are heavier and often aren't as fast, thinner tyres are lighter and give you more speed, a lot of riders all round mostly ride wider tyres on the front and thinner on the back. Check out our collection below to find a tyre for you.