Ethic DTC

Ethic Scooters, although a relatively new brand to the stunt scooter scene, it's head designer is as established as the sport itself, having developed much of the District, Addict and Flavor products. In a sport ruled by money, Ethic decided it was time to release products that put the rider back in control by reducing profits in favour of supporting the development and values of the sport. Their parts are respected for being well designed, with clean looks and lightweight, whilst not compromising on strength. The Ethic brand has increasingly grown in the street scene and we expect it to stay around for many years to come.

Developed by Kevin Demay, the original product designer of a number of other top brands in the industry, he's reversed the roles in scootering with Ethic, by choosing willingly to sell products with low prices and high quality in order to go again the whole capitalistic culture of trying to make money out of the industry.

Ethic have produced some of the most technically advanced products in the scooter scene. Their designs often focus on minimising the use of unnecessary materials enabling their parts of be extremely light and still strong. Their aims are to help the sport to develop both ethically and culturally for the long term good, instead of short terms profits and gains.

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