Fit Bike Co

Fit Bike Co Fit Bike Co have been challenging the BMX industry for many years now with their collection of strong and durable products taking over the street scene completely and also offer park riders options to keep their bikes fast and smooth. Fit are well known for their team of professional BMX riders Ranging from the USA and the UK. One of the most well known UK riders is Ben Lewis (Benny L.) you can often find ben killing the streets of Liverpool and often visit our Skatepark in the winter months. With his experience of riding and great communication with the guys at Fit he has brought out his range of Fit products taking the market by storm. As well as their aftermarket parts Fit also Manufacture some of the strongest complete BMX bikes on the market, Fit Completes are very popular as they suit all the needs of the riders looking for a BMX to start out on and eventually bring aftermarket parts to.

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