Freestyle Skates

Freestyle, Urban & Slalom Skates

Freestyle or Urban inline skates are ideal for intense skating in the city. Whether you are looking for a durable hardboot for commuting, a high performance slalom skate or a reliable all-round setup to for freeriding, we have you covered. We offer skates from leading brands like Powerslide who offers the widest range of freestyle and freeride skates, with TRINITY 3-point mounting, 165 dual mounting, 3 wheels and 4 wheels, for women, men and Kids. Discover our greatest solutions for the urbanite skates.

Freestyle skates, or "Freeskates" as they're more commonly known in the skate scene refers to inline skates with a short wheel base for manoeuvrability usually they come with 80mm wheels and stiff ankle support in the form off a hard-boot. These skates are liked by city skaters, slalom skaters and even regular recreational skaters looking for a more urban look and feel.