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Lucky is one of the original companies in the pro scooter scene. 

Based in the USA Lucky was one of the original scooter companies to introduce themselves to the scene, since 2008 Lucky have supported riders, retailers and industry events to help advance their products and attract new talent. Not long before their launch they were recognised as a maker of high-quality aftermarket scooter parts and quickly gained a loyal following of customers and riders. Since the very beginning lucky have prided themselves in being rider-centric, Lucky has always been about the riders. The pro team is currently filled with elite riders recognised all over the globe including world champion Kota Scuetz. With professional’s influence on all products being released Lucky are one of the highest competitors in the market. Lucky’s wealth of insight into what professionals and amateurs alike want from their scooters has allowed them to produce some of the most amazing products on the market. They manufacture stunt scooters, which not only ride really well but, look outstanding too. The Covenant and Prospect ranges each boast a particularly cool style with an equally cool selection of colours and art featuring across the ranges. Explore this incredible range of Lucky stunt scooters and find the perfect match for you.

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