Rookie Roller Skates

Rookie has been making high quality roller skates since 1978. Now in its fourth decade, Rookie Skate Company prides itself on making unique and stylish skates that no other company can come close to.

Roller skating is a fantastic way to keep fit, socialise with friends and have tons of fun - all at once. Whether it’s in the park, at the roller disco or on the streets, with Rookie, you can do it all.

We know that everyone loves to listen to great tunes while they skate. With its roots firmly embedded in the music scene, Rookie has drawn its style inspiration from the best of the last 40 years of music. In our range you can find a skate to suit every music era from the last four decades.

Whether your vibe is the disco-boogie 1970s, the neon 80’s, keeping it fresh in the 90’s, or all things noughties, there is a Rookie skate for you. With a great array of colours and patterns, Rookie is the brand of choice if you want to skate in style.

Let the good times roll.