Street Sledge

Street Sledge - year round sledge

From the minds of a team of top skaters and designed from real life riding experience, the Street Sledge turns the smallest slope into an action packed adventure playground. A year round sledge, a modern day box kart, or sit down skating...whatever it is, it’s quick to learn, easy to use and fun!
Find a slope, sit down and away you go. Lean side to side to steer and put your feet down to stop. It’s that simple and safe.
The Street Sledge was designed by a team of four: Bodhi, Nigel, Jacob and Tom. We wanted to bring gravity sports fun to everyone and looked to create a safe and comfortable board that would last for years. We truly think Street Sledge is unique, the one and only!
It all started in Early summer 2017 when we made a prototype by forming a piece of foam into what we knew as the basic shape we wished to achieve. After adding some fibreglass and test riding the draft product, a final form was born; it was evident that wood was not the right material. So, after further testing, we opted for a mix of fibreglass and plastics.
Street Sledge is special because it is tough and light with a super deep central pan giving a low centre of balance, rooting the rider to the board. Included in the shape of the deck are wheel flares designed for deep turning, along with well-placed handles designed to replicate the handles riders build for their street luges. Less obvious features include the built-in split angles for the trucks - the front is wedged up +10 degrees while the back is -10 making it super stable for all, including beginners, to ride and enjoy.

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