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SKF Standard Bearings

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SKF Standard Bearings

Get yourself a fresh set of skateboard bearings from the company that invented the modern ball bearing - SKF

Some of you may know SKF as one of the world's largest and most precise manufacturers of bearings. They have gone and done the skateboarding scene a massive favor with the introduction of what they believe to be the best bearing for skating available.

SWISS precision at ABEC-level pricing

  • SKF has managed to bring you a bearing that is 50% faster than any Chinese ABEC5 - ABEC9 bearings. The lifespan far exceeds that of those cheaper Chinese bearings as well.
  • Other manufacturers label bearings of this quality and precision as SWISS - But SKF won't charge you near the same as the others do, and have also gotten these bearings in the true ABEC5 precision.

Notice: By recommendation from SKF, any session should be started up with a 2-minute warm-up to get the grease up to operating temperature.


Bearing precision:ABEC-5
Bearing type: Open
Lubricant: Grease
Spacers:Not included
Pieces per pack:8
Rubber shield:Yes